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Do you have Waist/Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain? Release It With Yoga!

Feel even more pain in your waist spine, back, neck spine and shoulder? Air-conditions make you notice that you have spine and muscle problems because of working all the time?

If your sleeping quality is going down, your stomach gets more and more frequently sick then you definitely have to work on your health. Maybe you have already tried different ways to help yourself.

Yoga is a way to build up your body and mind back into balance.

Teachers at Body & Soul are very experienced to remove the pain in your waist, back, neck and shoulder.


Jing an

Changhua Road:
33 Changhua Road,

Jing An District, Shanghai
Tel:+8621 5213 8366

Maoming North Road:
South Part of 5th Floor
148 Maoming North Road
(Maoming Lu / Weihai Lu)

Jing An District, Shanghai
Tel:+8621 3218 0009

Pudong / Lujiazui

Lujiazui Center:
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Residence Building LG06,
111 Pudong South Road ,Pudong
Tel:+8621 5010 6269

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